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New for 2017: HD Streaming Full Movies!
Member's Area Movies for instant on-demand streaming


Streaming movies: play on Windows, Mac, and Android!
It's the most significant upgrade we've ever made: the new Streaming H.264 full movies let non-PC users view content! The new streaming movies are encoded using Google Widevine technology, for cross-platform playback. Now, you can play our movies on your Windows PC, Mac, Android tablet/phone, even some smart TVs, and watch in great H.264 full-HD quality. Plus, licenses no longer need to be downloaded, and a separate player is also no longer needed.


All Member's Area Movies are now available for immediate HD streaming, and are playable on Macs, Windows PCs (all versions from XP thru Windows 10), and Android (4.3+) Mobile Devices! Improvements include:

1. Watch FULL movies (not just selected clips from each movie) on demand, anytime, on any device (Internet connection required, use Google Chrome or Firefox for playback)

2. No license needed, no player to install, no waiting to download clips, no HDD space used

3. Our HD Streaming Movies play directly in your browser - Google Chrome  or Firefox required

4. Playable on multiple platforms, and all devices that support the Google Chrome browser with Widevine technology

INSTRUCTIONS HERE! How to play the new H.264 HD Streaming Full Movies:

1. Download Google Chrome or Firefox  for your OS/device. (Note that on some systems, the latest version of Chrome does not display streaming content properly. In the Member's Area, we provide you a link to working versions of Chrome which display our content correctly.) Our HD streaming content uses Google Widevine technology, and must be played back on Chrome or Firefox. (Firefox 47 and above for Windows/Mac also supports playback of our content.)

2. Registering for the Member's Area -  NOTE - this is no longer needed. We create a Username and Password for you, and e-mail these to you. Once your credit card is processed, we will send you an e-mail with your username and password, and a link to the Member's Area.

3. Using Chrome or Firefox, log in to the Member's Area with your user name and password, and click on the movie that you wish to view. This takes you to the movie page.

4. Click the button for Low Bandwidth or High Bandwidth playback, depending on your connection speed. A new window (or tab) opens and the movie begins playing.

5. If you experience pausing on the high-bandwidth movie, check your Internet connection, and try the low-bandwidth version. Also close other bandwidth-hogging applications like YouTube, Skype, Viber, torrent, etc.

6. There may be slight pausing the very first time you play a movie, because it is being pulled from our main server to the mirror server closest to your location. After this first play, all subsequent plays of that stream should load perfectly smoothly.

7. Select films also offer an 'Ultra High' bandwidth option - this provides full-HD streaming at 9Mbps. However, your Internet connection must support a very high data transfer rate of over 1.2MB/second from our servers.

8. You can move to any time point in the movie, and playback will resume again quickly after a short pause while that section of the movie is loading into your browser.

9. Our streaming movies are also encoded using PlayReady technology, which allows playback on additional devices including set-top boxes like Roku and Android TV, as well as on certain smart TVs. See a full list of compatible devices here: Google Widevine & PlayReady platforms. Due to the wide variety of possible devices, we're not able to offer tech support for playback on platforms other than Windows PCs, Macs, and Android tablets/phones.



TIPS & TRICKS for the best, smoothest HD Streaming Playback:

1. Close all bandwidth-hogging applications like YouTube, Skype, Viber, torrent, FTP downloading, etc. This makes a significant difference in the quality of streaming playback.

2. CPU load and speed matter! Chrome can use a large amount of CPU resources during full-HD playback. We have found that our streaming HD content plays the best using the latest model Intel processors (i5 and i7; i7-6700k being the current ideal processor for playback). Regardless, it's best to close other applications during streaming playback to allow sufficient CPU resources for playing our HD content. If you see stuttering/pausing during playback, but your connection has plenty of bandwidth, then that's an indication your CPU is inadequate for playback of streaming HD content. High-end graphics cards with built-in acceleration for HD playback will help, but they aren't required for smooth playback.

3. If you experience pausing during HD playback, you can let the clip buffer/load for the first few minutes of a movie, then bring the playback pointer back to the beginning of the movie. However, it's best to use a faster connection, or if that is not possible, play the low-bandwidth version of the movie.

4. If possible, connect to your router/modem via the wired connection, and not by wi-fi.

5. The low-bandwidth version of each movie should play smoothly on slower Internet connections, and still provides better-than-DVD resolution of 768x432.

6. Image adjustments: It's important to adjust your computer's image settings for the best possible quality. Note that you must adjust image parameters (brightness/contrast/color) for our streaming movies in the DESKTOP image settings, not in the video overlay settings (what is usually done for video playback adjustment). We have found that in general, the best results are obtained by increasing contrast slightly and reducing brightness slightly (from the default settings).

7. You can try the 'Ultra'HQ' stream for the movies it's offered for, however please keep in mind this requires a very fast Internet connection for smooth playback.

8. If you're using Chrome on an Android device and the video does not appear, check your version of the Android OS. Playback requires Android 4.3 and above.

9. If you open a new window/tab to start playing a video stream, and the stream doesn't begin playing automatically, try hitting refresh (F5) on your browser and wait a few seconds.

10. Tips if your CPU isn't adequate for HD playback:
--If you experience pausing during playback, hit ctrl-alt-del on your computer to bring up task manager, and look at CPU usage. If it's at or near 100%, that means your CPU isn't powerful enough for HD playback - but there are some things you can do to help this.
--First, try playing the streams in Firefox (latest version) rather than Chrome. Although Chrome is our recommended browser, we've found that Firefox uses slightly less CPU power when playing the same video. So, on marginal systems, you may be able to reduce or eliminate pausing by using Firefox instead of Chrome.
--Next, in task manager, look at all the running background operations, especially those using a high percentage of CPU power. System tasks like Search Indexer, Windows Defender, etc. can use up to 50% of CPU resources on slower systems. Terminate all non-essential processes via task manager. You can also prevent them from starting up with Windows or running at all by going into system settings (guides for this are available online).
--For example, when playing our 6Mbps full HD streams on an entry-level (sub-$300) 2016 Asus notebook with a Pentium N3700 quad-core CPU and 4Gb of RAM, playback was stuttering slightly with background tasks running as per the default settings in Windows 10.
--When the background tasks of Search Indexer and Windows Defender were terminated (along with all other running programs), playback was smooth on both Chrome and Firefox, with both browsers using between 85-95% of CPU resources for playback.
--When playing HD streams on a desktop system with an Intel i7-6700K processor, playback in either browser is perfectly smooth, with CPU usage staying between 10-20%. That's why we recommend using the latest and most powerful processor for the best results.


Final Thoughts:

We hope you enjoy our new HD Full Streaming Movies in the Member's Area. We have put a tremendous amount of time, work, and resources into providing the highest-quality experience possible for you to enjoy our HD streaming movies. We feel that, for most users, this is a preferable way to enjoy our content on any device - rather than downloading individual clips and then watching them with a dedicated player.

As always, password/login sharing is strictly prohibited and will be vigorously enforced. If excessive logins or user ID/password sharing are detected on your account, you will be blocked immediately from accessing content, and also blocked from any future purchases on our site.


If you have any suggestions, ideas for improvements for our player or the streaming content, please feel free to contact us and let us know.



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